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We have the largest selection of
water tanks.

As the Sun rises for the day to begin, so do we with our continuous efforts and the inspiration of our widely spread dealer network. We are always there to provide the best service to the people with their very basic and one of the most important needs of their life i.e. Water. We do it by providing the vessel to store, which is commonly known as Tanks.
Our History: We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company having a long experience of 20 years and supplying to more than 7 states in India, in this field and will stay that way for more years to come ahead with your support and that of our wide spread dealer network.

  • Water & Chemical Storage Tank

    Duraplas tiger shark
  • LLDPE Roto Molding Granules

    9-in-1 Test Kit
  • Green Rotomolding Powder

    Aquaplate Steel Raised Garden Bed
  • 3Layer Royal tank

    Transport tanks
  • LLDPE Roto Molding Granules

    9-in-1 Test Kit
  • 4Layer Euro Tank

    Duraplas pump covers
  • Doff Basket

  • Customized Rotomolding Powder

    Duraplas tiger shark
  • Loft Tank

    Portable Filter
  • House Hold Drums

    9-in-1 Test Kit
  • Pallet

    Aquaplate Steel Raised Garden Bed
  • Blue Rotomolding Powder

  • 2Layer Vertical Overhead Tanks

    Durapoly Cup & Saucer
  • Super Heavy Quality Green Tank

  • Super Heavy Quality Yellow Tank

    Duraplas tiger shark

SUNTEX - Indian Made Water Storage Tanks

When it comes to Indian Made Water Storage Tanks, the word that strikes is "Suntex".

Like the tree has its various branches so do we with our wide range of durable and resistable tanks such as - Vertical over head tanks, Triple Layered Tanks, Four Layered Tanks, Doff Baskets, Pallet, Loft tanks, Traffic Barriers and so on. In addition to the above we provide tanks for various types of world needs. Our tanks are of the best quality and for satisfying the needs for your various natures of tanks one can always rely on "Suntex".

LLDPE Roto Molding Powder and LLDPE Roto Molding Granules:

We have been a leading manufacturer in this industry since 20 years and we understand the Indian Standards very well. We understand the core ingredients required in the product. With the help of latest technology, we assure a very good quality and our laboratory reports match the required grade.

Roto Moulding Granules

Blue Roto Molding Granules
Weed Control
White Roto Molding Granules
Pumps and Accessories
Customized Roto Molding Granules
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Roto Molding Powder

9-in-1 Test Kit
White Rotomolding Powder
Black Rotomolding Powder
9-in-1 Test Kit
Blue Rotomolding Powder
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Save Our Water and Our Planet

For satisfying all your needs for various natures of tanks you can always rely on "Suntex". Whether it may be water or chemical storage tanks or Loft tanks. Contact us at

Due to continuous product development the specification are subject to charge without notice. All size and capacities are approximate and in good faith but without warranty.
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